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- Awesomest Challenge Ever! Tis at [ profile] slashthedrabble. I mean, seriously, 60 Country Song Titles. That is fantastic.

- Work was... ehhhh. The boss moved our desks around and now I have no light to look at the damn discs. I have to crane my neck and jesus fuck it hurts after a couple of hours. Ugh. Oh well.

- I was thinking about The Breakfast Club as done by Merlin today.

Arthur = Andrew. Merlin = Allison. Morgana = Bender. Gwen = Claire. Uther = Vernon.

That's right. Picture Anthony Stewart Head saying "Don't mess with the bull, young (wo)man, you'll get the horns" and he's saying it to Morgana. This is what I think about at work lol.

Also, I can't figure out who Brian is. I mean, I thought Merlin at first, but I want him as Allison, because lolz, and I thought Gwen as Brian, but someone needs to be Claire and really, Morgana is so Bender.

Maybe Lancelot could be Brian. lol.

I love Merlin.
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I hadn't written anything in the Merlin fandom before I wrote this for the porn battle. And lol, it is 4299 characters, so it just fits in the 4300 character comment limit.

Unattainable Smiles, Merlin/Morgana. Prompt was one-sided, which, you can guess that means it is not sunshine and puppies lol.

I wrote het for my first thing in the Merlin fandom. LMAO. Slashiest show in a long, long time, and I felt the need to write het sex. Okay then.


Jan. 27th, 2009 06:01 pm
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Snagged from [ profile] shananagin

Give me two characters from different fandoms you know I'm familiarwith, and I'll give you a dialogue happening between the two of them.Without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worldsclashed, or how they could even meet each other. Just a silly crossoverconversation with no backstory, for fun.

Fandoms to choose from: 24, The 4400, Alias, Angel, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Avatar: the Last Airbender (up to season 2), Buffy theVampire Slayer, Carnivale, Criminal Minds (up to season 3), DCU, Deadwood, Dragon Ball Z, Dresden Files (books), Farscape, Firefly, Friday Night Lights (up to season 2), Harry Potter, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, High School Musical, Jackass, Justice League, La Femme Nikita, Merlin, The Office (US), Pirates of the Caribbean, Skins (up to season 1), Star Trek (DS9, TNG, and TOS), Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Torchwood, Viva la Bam, Xena

And horror movies. If I haven't seen it, I will look it up and make shit up, lol.

I always do these prompt things and never do them. But because it's just dialogue, and I don't HAVE to write something worth writing, but just something fun, well, Yay!

And if you want to pick more than 1 set... well, I won't stop you. I just may not write them all, yeah? And if I don't know your character very well... lmao. "I have hair" "No, you don't" "Oh..." is probably similar to what you will get. Which... that may be fun.
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So... not having a working heater/defroster when it's below freezing and sleeting?



We had to stop every. few. blocks. on the way home to scrape the ice off the windshield. A 15 minute drive took over an hour.

Jesus God.

I fucking hate winter.

And we worked 12 hours today. UGH UGH UGH.
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Porn Battle VII!!! Go post a prompt or fifty! WOOT! I've posted a lot, lol. God I love being a fandom whore.

I just started watching Skins today, so yes, I posted some from that, and I've only seen two eps. Oy. But brain finally re-remembered I am gay in that omg, Michelle? Guh. Want. FOR MYSELF. YES.

Also, Merlin fic ideas NEED TO STOP. For god's sake, I can't possibly write all that, brain! Also. Go claim a prompt at [ profile] merlinearthurfqf. Several of the prompts I posted have been claimed!!! Hells YEAH. Cop!Arthur! YAYAYYAYAY.

Also, I have ideas for more prompts, as I said. UGH. STOP IT. I can't write an Age of Sail fic wherein Merlin is press-ganged and Arthur is a first lieutenant! STOP IT, BRAIN. *must find someone to foist prompts onto... needs another fest*

Also, I worked 14 hours on Wednesday. WTF. *ded* I have 31 hours so far for this week, considering I only worked 2 and a half on Tuesday? Yeah. DIVIDE THAT UP. *ded, srsly*

Blearrgh! :D
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Fic I wrote for [ profile] yuletide!
Pathways - La Femme Nikita, Madeline, with a Madeline/Nikita build-up thing.
I'm really proud of this one. Madeline is a total biatch to write! She's so damn... precise. But man. I love this story.

Between One Breath and the Next - Hero by Perry Moore, Goran/Thom
This was fun to write. And I love them. And I got to put in a cameo by Silver Bullet. Because I don't have a thing for speedsters. Not at all. *cough* *wants to read Silver Bullet/Major Might slash LIKE FREAKING WHOA*

Fic I wrote for [ profile] jbbs!
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[ profile] fluffbattle - inspired by the Porn Battle. Prompts are up. Go do one, or watch the comm, or something. And next time they take prompts, by god issue some! I issued some! Cause fluff = good. :D

Today I am going to watch My Bloody Valentine 3-D! I'm excited. I've never seen a movie at the theater in 3-D. :D
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I ended up working 44 hours this week.

W T F.

*falls over*

Also, lolz to Final Crisis #6. I didn't read it, but I know what happened. And really... lolz and *shakes head*.

Nightwing 152 on the other hand? OMFG AWESOME.

And the first issue of the 24-issue maxi series of Locke and Key came out this week. YAY JOE HILL. *notes to actually read it, as now has time*
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So. I haven't been online until like, RIGHT NOW. For days.

Because I have worked 32 hours in 3 days.

That is WAY MORE than my usual 20 PER WEEK.

So yay, the boss relies on me, as I know mostly what I'm doing, but OMG. I hate that I"m actually... reliable. LOL.



And as to why I hate Wichita??? Because we now get their dvds. Yes, my hub? Expanded. And hired like, 7 more people. In this economy, we're hiring, heh! So that's good. BUT OMG. Next week is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and I love the man, respect him, but I fucking DO NOT WANT a holiday. Because the amount of dvds we receive/ship out? Is MASSIVELY affected by holidays, as everyone and their dog mails out their movies the next day.

Oh god. Kill me now. Next week is going to suck. ass.

Merlin fanfic. I miss reading you. *sigh*


Jan. 13th, 2009 01:56 am
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So. Sunday night, after I cut my arm, I was wide awake, so I watched a movie (Shelter, which was a-okay, though I did fast forward some of the surfing bits, heh), and then it was midnight and I was like "I have to wake up in an hour and a half. I may as well just not go to sleep.

So I didn't.

And of course, at work, I stayed over 12 hours. *hysterical laughter*

So I was up from 11am Sunday to 5pm Monday. Because I'm just stupid.

I will probably be staying a long-ass time today too. At least I slept a good 8 hours.

Also, I missed if more 24 was on last night. I think it was, but I was just far too tired to care. Sigh, god dammit. Sigh.
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So, earlier this evening, I knocked a bowl off my table onto my mattress (which is my bed), and it broke. Because I am JUST THAT GOOD.

I thought I got all the pieces/shards up.

LOL. No. I didn't.

I'm laying down, going "oof, gotta get up in less than 4 hours, should sleep" and am almost asleep when I move my arm, and PAIN OMG.

Yes. There was one tiny shard left, and it gouged a freaking hole a centimeter across. It's like, gaping and bleeding and icky. And ow.

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Okay, so working at Netflix, I'm a part-timer. Used to be full-time, chose to go part-time, yadda. So I'm used to 3-6 hour day.

Today was a THIRTEEN HOUR day.


and lol, this icon is indeed Zac Efron from High School Musical 2. LOL.
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So I wrote for three fic exchanges: [ profile] yuletide (rare/small fandoms), [ profile] jbbs (teen titans/outsiders/young justice), and [ profile] twelve_knights (any Batman fandom, though mostly Nolanverse was written). And I finished all of the fics for 'em! YAY! I even wrote two for Yuletide!

So now for the fics written JUST FOR MEEEEEE!

1) For [ profile] yuletide, Before You Understand by ediblestars - Little Miss Sunshine, Olive POV, Frank/Richard hints)
This story? Totes brill. It's in second person and is so evocative and layered and gah. It's melancholy tinged with humor, just like the movie. Matter of fact it's a perfect sort epilogue.
I had a need for Frank/Richard like burning after watching the movie, and this story gave me a totally realistic them. They are... too messed up/set in the way they are to really make it work, especially with Richard really loving Sheryl, because gah, the way he makes her smile in this fic.... And just... yeah. This story is awesome. It doesn't necessarily make me bouncy because of the way it twists your heart as you go along, but oh my god, the nice slow burn that it leaves me with? Massive awesome. *happy sigh*

2) For [ profile] jbbs, When Mistletoe Hits Critical Mass by [ profile] shallowesque - Titans current, former, and future. Tim POV, Dick/Tim eventually
Now this one makes me bouncy! It's just a rollicking joyride! I was smiling and giggling the whole way. I reeeeeeeeeeally love mistletoe stories. I guess you could say it's more of an earthly 'aliens made them do it' thing lol, but whatever. I love it. And this was a mistletoe story JUST FOR ME. :D With my favorite comics OTP. ME SO HAPPY.

3) For [ profile] twelve_knights, Measure for Measure by anon - Jason Todd POV, hints of Jason/Nolan!Joker if you squint
*glurble* LOVE! Jason was the second Robin, and he stole the tires from the Batmobile as a first impression. <3 Jason was killed by the Joker (and because fans called a 1-900 number to vote whether he lived or died... yeah, wtf?). So Jason/Nolan!Joker? Allllllll kinds of fucked up. And I LOVE IT. hee. This is not explicitly them, more like... just peppered with it. Seasoned with it, if you will. (haha get it? Holiday season fic exchange? Oh shut up).
It's gritty and a bit desperate and yeah. Just like Gotham itself, which Jason is absolutely a product of. And the end... it just sets up Joker as a huge target for Jason, and it feels like the Joker is happy to play with someone new, with someone who is also a way to make Batman's life hell and just... yeah. A glorious Jason story. So much <3
I read this the first time on New Year's, when I was totally drunk LOL. And the first feedback I left on it pretty much says that, hahaha.

So yes. How lucky am I??? :D :D :D


Dec. 20th, 2008 06:57 pm
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I'm watching Criminal Minds, the first disc of Season 3... and this ep just opened up with an exact scene out of Funny Games. But with one of the guys being Weevil (Francis Capra)! Huh.

My brain may have exploded.

Also, I think the director of Funny Games would not approve, as both versions of that movie were indictments of our fascination with violence. Heh.

I really need a Criminal Minds icon. Preferably Hotch/Reid. Because I slash. Hard.

In lieu of that, I love this icon.
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So. Me and Ali went to Pho Lan again tonight, because YAY VIETNAMESE NOODLES.

Getting into Ali's car, though, there was an unfortunate mishap.

I was planning on being "LOL, here's the cheapest thing on your wishlist for your X-mas pressie!" and then showing her the other half which made it much better. But as I was opening the door...

I opened the door ONTO MY FACE.

I'm serious. The corner top of the door hit me right. between. the eyes.

There is a knot there, and my face felt numb for a bit, and there was pressure in my nose like when I got a wisdom tooth pulled.

Seriously, the knot hurts.

So yes. I was literally faced.

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Am sick. Since Sunday. Blehhh. Have a stupid cold. And it is kicking my ass.

Been watching a lot of dvds, well moreso than I have been, anyway. I finished season two of Criminal Minds. That show is awesome. Totally awesome.

Also watched HighSchoolMusicalandHighSchoolMusical2. The latter one? I actually really, really liked. Also. THERE IS SLASH. I feel no shame when there is SUCH SLASH. And there is good fic out there! And I loved the songs. AND. Most importantly? I felt better after I watched it! I have felt ughtastic all week, so that was wonderful.

Even if I have shame. That it's freakin High School Musical 2. lol. Oh well. *basks in shame and prepares for mockery*

Comics make me happy. I bought the Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul in hardcover because it was on sale. And it has aweosme Dick/Tim moments. Because yes, I buy things JUST FOR SLASH. DUH. *wails about High School Musical and it's Chad/Ryan that ate my brain*

But yes. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake are my OTP of choice just now. Cause hotness yay and Robins yay. I do hope Battle for the Cowl does not fuxor them up too much. Sigh.

Also, I bought the DC Holiday Special, and lolz, Dan Didio wrote one of the stories. And it was about Aquaman. Which... could there be a more kinda useless character right now and a more useless Exec? Yeah. No.

Aquaman should be in those David Brin books, the Uplift trilogies. Because man. That made dolphins kick ass like whoa. And Aquaman would totally fit in.

Anyway, Dick/Tim. Cause that's how my mind works. I have so many story ideas for them. I've started writing not one, not two, but several stories with them. SEVERAL. Of more than a few hundred words each. WAY TO GO, BRAIN! However, I have three stories due in the next few days/weeks, so er, I wish the brain would get inspired to write THEM and not the Dick/Tim have to go undercover and plan a wedding to lure a serial killer of dark haired gay couples (with a special guest appearance by the BAU from Criminal Minds, because Tim and Hotchner would be buds, as would Dick and Morgan). And the other story where I have them in an arranged marriage (what is the deal with me and Dick and Tim GET MARRIED? Fucking Prop 8 feelings bleeding into my creativity I guess). And then there's the story where Dick and Jason are foster kids of Bruce's and Dick had left town to do something or other. And he comes back and Jason is dating Steph Brown and Tim's his best buddy cause Tim's a genius and went to school with Jason and then college. And Dick is like 'whoa! you were that kid?' when he's thinking 'omg you got hot!' and it's like Legends of the Fall in that it's the girl who like, knew she'd marry Tristan. Yeah.

Also, happy holidays! Hope everyone's is going better than mine! I hate being sick.

And also today Grandma was telling me that Mom probably wanted grandchildren, and basically condemned me for not having children. As you know, who will take care of my mom? Because I'm so wonderfully useless that I couldn't do it. Because Mom is going to die. When, hello, Mom is doing okay. She's old, but she's doing okay, and the only stress she's under is from GRANDMA. Because Grandma is a total cunt.

I even pointed out to grandma (who asks me quite often when I"m going to have kids, or makes some comment about it) that she has OTHER grandchildren who have children. So she can leave me alone. And she of course says that those kids are shit children. Basically, they're worse than... ME! lmao.

Oh Grandma. You bring such joy in my life. [/sarcasm]
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24 is back!!!!!

24 movie on RIGHT NOW. YAY. *records as is going to bed soon*

Work starts every week day at... 3am. From now on. And Friday? We went in at 1am.

Yeah, so I've been even more anti-social than I was when I was just being normal anti-social. :(



Nov. 6th, 2008 06:00 pm
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Did you know that Joe Biden's middle name is Robinette? That is glorious.

Am still happy that Obama and Biden will rule. So happy.

But I'm rather miserable about Proposition 8.

And I'm amused/cynical about the fact that doctor assisted suicide = better than gays marrying. Because that's one of the ballot measures that passed in another state. And Massachusetts passed the decriminilization of marijuana, making it basically a parking ticket if you have an ounce or under. Because all of that is totally better than two people who love each other getting to share their lives together.

Fucking LAME.

But also, doctor assisted suicide was a big NO NO NO back in the day, so maybe gay marriage will be... allowed. Allowed, wtf is that.

I'm of the mind that being gay is like... having a favorite color. It's both genetic as you're predisposed to like X and environmental (it's okay to like X, it's not okay to like X).

God DAMMIT. It's second class citizenship, and it fucking blows.

I mean, I'll totally take the Obama win, and the centuries of slow, needed change that represents. God, seriously, we are living in historic times.

I just don't like the fact that I probably won't be able to get married if I want to in my lifetime.

For cryin out loud "Kansas: 18, no minimum with parental consent." NO MINIMUM. YOU CAN GET MARRIED YOUNGER THAN YOUR TEEN YEARS WTF. But by god, you can't be GAY.

Jesus fuck that is WRONG.

Also, go watch the documentaries For the Bible Tells Me So and I Can't Marry You.

I think my feelings are hurt, which is why it pisses me off so much. Argh.

I still need to catch up on lj, god dammit. Argh.
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Gah. Have so much to catch up on!!!! Oof.
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