Feb. 5th, 2009

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1) We are keeping the dog. LOL. Grandma's decision and she's going to pay that pet deposit. And we all take turns taking the puppy outside.

Grandma has decided to name her Marly. I'm... not pleased about that, because I'm like 'man, people will go 'oh, that movie'' and ugh. At least there will be no E. Because this way, it's more like Marly from Another World, the good twin of Vicky and Marly. lol.

I will have pictures probably this weekend. I am finally going to get Ali to get 'em off mee memory card. So yay. Comic Con and puppy pics! hee.

2) Click my dragons!! :D :D :D

3) Merlin. I... am obsessed. Insanely. I think about it all the time at work, not that it helps that I love AUs and see dvds every day. So now, Pride and Prejudice!Merlin needs to happen. Lancelot = Bingley and Gwen = Jane. And Arthur is Darcy. And Merlin is Lizzie. Nimueh is Wickham. Gaius is the Dad. Uther is the mother, j/k. I just want to imagine him 'oh, my nerves!' lol.

Yeah. I may be too obsessed with applying Merlin characters to other fandoms. Ah vell.

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