Mar. 3rd, 2009

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So. I megaloathe the new supervisor at work. She talks to everyone like they're children AND dumb children AND clearly incapable of independent thought. And she has gotten on to me THREE TIMES since she's been there (TWO WEEKS wtf) for... TALKING. Today she said "You need to stop visiting". FUCK YOU, lady.

I never got in trouble for talking all throughout school and college. So this? Is fucking ridiculous. And when I talk at work? It's about WORK.

And! A black woman and a black man were running the sorter and took a break (we get breaks every two hours) and the woman came back, and Supervisor Cuntrag asked "Where's the other one?" SERIOUSLY. WTF IS THAT. That's just... even if it's not racist, there's whole levels of wtf.

I fucking hate the bitch. And instead of the soul crushing that was the Regional Manager in charge in lieu of an actual manager (that's when I actively looked for another job), I now have massive. fucking. rage. After she said the visiting thing today, I said "OKAY" really loudly and everyone looked up and could tell I was fucking pissed.

And she's changed SO MUCH of how we did things. See, we've had managers and supervisors in and out since July, so fuck you lady, of course we're a bit tired of/resistant to change. Especially when the changes are only because 'that's how we did it in Tacoma' and therefore it is WRIT IN BLOOD AND ALL MUST OBEY.

Fucking CUNT.

Also? I figured out she's fucking UMBRIDGE. With less 'hem hem'ing. Seriously. If she could make us write "I must not tell lies" in our hands, she fucking would. Ugh.

And worst of all? She wore a Serenity shirt. So that means the asshole is a Joss fan. And you know what? Knowing her? She's also one of those middle-aged drama causing bitches that fandom has. Ugh. I hate her.

And the BIG NEWS? Management has seen our dog. And has decided it is definitely a chocolate labrador. Therefore, will be big. Therefore, either it goes or we go.

So we're moving. We luckily have til the end of the month. But still.

What a fucking day.

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