Mar. 7th, 2009


Mar. 7th, 2009 03:14 am
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Saw Watchmen. Approve.

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So. Mom is at Cindy's today (Cindy's the one who lives in McCloud, so far away.). Cindy calls every day several times a day for mom. Mom has gone out there three days in a row.

And I've told mom she needs to tell Cindy that she can't go over there as much and that she needs rest. And that I'll tell Cindy if I have to. But I've told this to MOM. Grandma was telling me she was going to say it to Cindy. And I was like 'wtf? Cindy's alone. And she's going through hell right now. And she has to have help." Grandma replied (the true crux of the issue) "She (being mom) ain't supposed to be taking care of Cindy" and she said it in this fucking snotty way.

It's... she's jealous.

And. She keeps harping on about the house and she said "Well, your mom's done it again" and I went 'huh?' and she says mom was supposed to take us today to view the house we may get, and I was like "No, they said they'd call and we'd schedule a time." She said "No they didn't." I said "They did on Thursday night when mom talked to them. Right in front of me and you."

And I told her not to get mad at mom and to stop nitpicking at her. I said to do that to me all she wanted, but that mom doesn't deserve it, and that it hurts her so much.

And she went on about Cindy and I told her that Cindy is family. And grandma said "no she's not". I said Yes she is. Blood don't mean shit.

I also told her we could leave her anytime we wanted to (because actually? we could.) and that we stayed because why? We're family. And that's what you do.

And she also said "Fuck her!" about Cindy.

Now... Cindy does ask too much of mom, but she's only been doing it lately, and she really is... in a terrible place in her life right now. Helping out is the freaking HUMAN thing to do for fuck's sake. But since it interferes with whatever the fuck Grandma's supposed schedule for whatever is, then it clearly should be stopped.

And I told her that mom wasn't putting this house thing off, she's just been busy, and to please stop needling her about shit like that. And she said "Well, you know if you don't keep on her, she doesn't do things for a week or two."

Yes, grandma. She used to do you fucking Publisher's Clearing House on Wednesdays ONLY until we moved here. Then it's as soon as the mail gets here and mom gets home? "Did you finish my Publisher's?" Hours later "did you finish my Publishers?" The next day "If there was anyone else to ask, I'd ask them. Please do my Publishers." It drives mom nuts.

I fucking hate grandma so much. She makes me so soul-tired.

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