Mar. 5th, 2009

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So. Today, mom and I went out to McCloud (45mins/hour away) to drive her friend home from a clinic. After that, the temp guage cam on the car.

We needed to get the oil changed anyway, so we did that. And found that the transmission has a leaky gasket or some such, but it'll cost 189 to fix, and er, in order to move/have shelter? Can't do that right now. So hopefully it will hold.

And our muffler is about to fall off. So it's suggested we take it to a muffler shop to reweld some brackets on so it won't FALL OFF. Jesus.

Then. We get home.

Grandma said someone from DHS came by. DHS is Department of Human Services and a completely useless organization for the most part (ask the children who are taken and placed into new homes... ugh), and the dude wanted grandma to go to the hospital. And she said no.

She has a broken tailbone. Or at least she's moaning and groaning that she does (when she doesn't hop right up when she wants. fucking faker.). But hates hospitals even though she would not be ALIVE without the miracles that this one hospital did in keeping her alive and even improving. Ugh.

And she fucking told them stupid shit. Like things... just stupid shit. I can't go into it.

And I said 'you moron, you made it so it looks bad for mom now. as she's the one who's paid to take care of you.' and it DOES. And mom's face when grandma told her (cause mom had been in the bathroom when grandma told me) just fell, man.

So on top of having to find a cheap house to rent, fighting to remain somewhat content at work, all this shit happens today.

What a fucking two days.

At least we're alive.

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