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Grandma has decided to die.

She's not eating. She's constantly moaning and groaning. She's just... given up.

And you know what? It's her pouting. That's all it fucking is. She needs anti-depressants or just a fucking attitude adjustment.

I have no sympathy for the dumb bitch. Mom is doing shit taking care of her, I keep having to step in. And fuck that. She's not my mother. I hate her. As soon as she's gone, I'm fucking renting out one of the rooms here. Because Fuck. That. Her son never comes around but once a month, maybe once every two weeks, because she's a fucking crap human being.

This is ridiculous.

I told her today that she's doing this of her own free will and that's all it is. And that she should just go to the hospital (because honestly, I think anti-depressants for someone with dementia is actually common and needed in this case) and she said "I won't die in a hospital". And I keep asking her what she's doing, because she's all limbs akimbo on the couch and clearly uncomfortable. And she said "I'm dyin". And she means it.

Fuck her. She can rot.

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