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To recap the past day.

1. Grandma = not doing well, but lucid. And mean, as always.
2. German shepherd from next door hops over the fence, runs at Marly. Was probably just playing, but it is 4 times her size. The kid next door who owns the dog helped me get Marly in and the shepherd out of our yard. It hopped and hung over the fence, folks. A chain link fence, so the top of it dug into it. Stupid dog. Nice dog, young dog. But could really hurt my Marly.

3. In my panic about grandma worsening, I plopped onto my bed, hurting my knee. And by hurting, I mean injuring it as bad as I used to. Meaning the patella popped on over to the side. And it stings enough that there is probably cartilage damage. And the osteo-arthritis already there? Hurts like a motherfucker. Am hobbling and crying out a lot.

4. Grandma even worse. Mom finally calls the doctor, because my uncle finally came over and really took in how grandma was, instead of just going 'oh, she'll be fine' and said he doesn't think she'll last the weekend if she stays like this. That's what I've been thinking.

So mom called the doctor, asked him if grandma can go to the hospital even though she didn't want to go the other day, but we can't tell what she wants right now, because she is no longer forming words, only sounds that make no sense. She's not lucid at all.

Doc said get an ambulance to take her to emergency, where they will decide if she's got enough of her mind to make her decision or not.

Mom had to change grandma this morning, and she can't do it again. It hurts grandma, and momma... it's too much for her. And it's definitely too much for me.

So yeah. I have to stay here at the house though, because Marly has never been alone, and I don't think she'd react well at all. I think she'd act psycho big time. And at the hospital, the only thing I'd be doing is being there for mom. And waiting for the docs to tell us what is going on, which mom can tell me later.

So yeah. Friggin awesome 24 hours.

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