Mar. 18th, 2009 09:18 pm
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- House hunting was annoying. However!! We found and applied and got approved to rent a fun $500/month 3 bedroom (sort of, 2 and then a big back room that could work as a bedroom if there was a door that could close to it lol). It has a big fenced backyard! Perfect for my Marly girl! :D
Also the house is pistachio green, lmao. <3
Have to buy a fridge and a stove though. Grandma can fucking buy the stove, as she's the one who needs it. I don't. I'm buying the fridge. Anyone got cheap places to recommend? Best Buy has them for like...400 dollars and I'd like to pay less than that. If it's over 200, I have to do payments, heh. I dunno.

- My Marly was sick! She had a urinary tract infection! Poor baby. She wasn't eating much (half a cup of hard food a day, that's... way too little) and squatting to pee all the time and having nothing come out. And was feverish and lethargic. I took her to the vet and he gave her meds and she's already tons better. Yay!

- This band is fucking awesome. Absentstar. Get their album Sea Trials. Seriously. Utterly fucking gorgeous.

- I'm fucking exhausted. Worrying about Marly and the moving has taken a lot out of me.

- I still hate our supervisor at work. Yes, she's sadly still there. She's improved on her behavior toward me though. Probably because she realized I was starting to get truly pissed instead of just pouty or some shit. Moron. Oh well.

- I haven't been able to watch much lately. I watched My Name is Bruce, which was lolarious, if you're a Bruce Campbell fan. And what else... Masters of Horror: Imprint, which was directed by Takashi Miike (who directed Audition... which is hailed by many horror folks, but I find massively boring until that crazy ending, ah well). I liked Imprint much more than a lot of the other Masters of Horror flicks. What I liked best, though, was the behind the scenes features. It made me really appreciate the film even more. It was just mad neat.

Also went to see The Last House on the Left last weekend. I liked it. Not as brutal as the first one, but somehow better yanked emotion from you. And Garrett Dillahunt was fucking HOT. I'm so serious. I have never been attracted to him. I adore him because he's utterly fantastic in everything ever, but omfg. He was delicious in that movie. Just... yeah. Guh.

I = Worst Lesbian Ever. *shrug*

- It was in the 80s here today. WTF is that? It was fucking hot in a NOT GOOD WAY. Blah.

- It's so, so sad about Natasha Richardson. Poor Vanessa Redgrave and Liam Neeson and Joely Richardson. That's just awful. Awful. :(

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