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Waaaah. I heard a puppy crying in our parking lot. And I went outside to see if I could comfort it or see if its owner was around.

No owner, but it was only out there for a bit. And frankly, I would be knocking on doors looking for it, because it is. too. precious.

It's chocolate with white on its chest and belly. And has green eyes. It looks like some mix of labrador and something. It's really very cute.

So it was too late when I called the shelters/rescue services, so we're going to take her there tomorrow, because we cannot keep her. For one, we can't take care of her the way we'd like and for another, it's 200 for a pet deposit.

So yes. She's staying the night with us. And has peed a LOT. lol. Her stool is solid, though. Aren't you glad to know that?

She really is too cute. Awwwwww.

God, I love dogs. Sigh.

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