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- We are done moving into the house. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. I only had a couple meltdowns. Woo!

- Mom is very sick. I am this side of sick. She has insurance. I do not. We shall see what happens.

- Grandma... Yeah. She was a real bitch to me all afternoon while we were moving. And at one point, I flipped her off, because she was just pissing me off. And so, later, when she said she wasn't leaving until we left the place CLEAN (who the fuck leaves an apartmen they've been in for 15 years in her case and 3 years in my case, clean?), I said 'no'. Mom said 'no, you're going to get settled into the house while we finish up here'. And grandma again told me to clean it. And I said 'no!' and she said "you little fucker" in awesomely malice-filled tones.

And Ali, who has heard all my grandma stories, was like "I could never take living with her". So yes. I feel a little... validated, that I'm not just 'grandma sux *whine*', but it's really real horror that can happen. Sigh.

Oh well.

- I love this house. I love this house a stupid amount. I'm in the room at the back that has concrete floors and a sliding glass door. And I love it. I love it so much. *pets this place*

- Grandma nearly got Marly killed last night. Me and Ali said we were going to go eat and grandma said "I'm going with you". And we were like 'uh... okay'. Because seriously? After yesterday? WTF grandma?
So we hem and haw a bit before we go, and grandma says "I'm not going. I was just kidding." So we were like doing victory dances in our heads and whatnot. So mom, me, and Ali go, Mom's taking the UHaul back and then coming back (as she's massively ill, you guys). While sitting in the car, I see our front door open. And out comes grandma.

And Marly.

Our house is only about... 10-15 feet back from the street. 44th street is a busy fucking street. There were cars everywhere. And my Marly was running toward the UHaul, then Ali's car, and back, looking for me and mom. So I start yelling "What the fuck! What the fuck!" and jump out of Ali's car, and I'm yelling MARLY too. And Marly stands right there on our little sidewalk and hunches down a bit, because she KNOWS she's not supposed to go out of the door already, but I was just so relieved she hadn't run into the street and been killed.

So yes. Yesterday mostly sucked.

But we're done with moving. And after I get well, I can help sort things. Until then, I got my computer set up. I have my pickles. I have my Marly. I'm done for today.

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