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1) I went to Ali's Friday night. I couldn't... I couldn't handle getting more attached to the dog, and so Ali understood and I went over to her house. And cried like whoa lol. The next day, I called home to see if Mom had taken the puppy to the shelter, because I thought that was the plan.

Yeah, she hadn't.

Grandma had said "don't take her yet. i ain't ready to let her go." about the puppy. So mom didn't take her to the shelter. They instead bought a leash, collar, dog food, and milkbones.

We cannot care for this dog the way it needs. It needs a huge yard, it's a dog that is clearly going to be big. We live in this one-bedroom apartment.

So we still have her. She's great, and she rolls over all the time and is so cute. And DOES NOT BARK. Isn't that insane??? She has barked maybe twice. In two days. That's... phenomenal.

She doesn't realize not to bite too hard though, lol. She bit my face and haha, I have a cut an inch long. It's hilarious and I will probably scar or some such, and I can go "bar fight" about it. heh.

So yes. We have her until tomorrow, unless I can convince mom to take her today to the shelter. I will go too, even though, god, I am sick. Ugh.

2) I'm sick. A cough that is awful and it's really affecting my asthma. I haven't breathed this bad since... well, when I would forget my inhaler somewhere and couldn't get it for a day or two. That's how bad it is right now, and that's after only TWO HOURS after the previous use of the inhaler. I even thought about going to the hospital when it was particularly bad, but eh, it's slowly getting better. I think.

3) Grandma is a bitch. But you knew that. But this time, ah, this time. She's been so nice the past couple of days when I've been in the living room with her, mom, and the dog. But this morning I go back to my room (because I want to read more Porn Battle stuff, lol) and... five minutes later, she doesn't even knock and opens my door and says "You going to let your mom take out all that trash?" and I was like '... What?' because yes, the trash has built up, because I have EXTREME PHOBIA of ice and I've been waiting for it to thaw, and so it's mostly gone today, so I was going to wait til this afternoon and then take it out, because PHOBIA for fuck's sake.
Turns out mom was just bagging up one thing, not taking out the trash. And I was like "I'm taking it out, mom are you taking it out? I'm going to later today." And mom was like "No, I'm not taking it out" like "Pshaw!" and it was funny, but then grandma said "You've been saying that for three days" and that I said that I hoped my uncle was coming over so he'd take it out (which I may have thought but I didn't SAY it, because I know that grandma would NEVER let something like that go). And so I get pissed and snipe back and she snipes back, mom snipes at grandma, and then grandma says "I know you'll never tell her this stuff, so I have to" about mom not telling me to do things. And I say "I don't listen because you're a bitch when you say it". And mom said "Bonnie". And I was like 'ugh', and went back to my room. And I told grandma no one comes to visit her because they hate her, as they should.

I may be slightly cruel when I'm pissed.

Oh the fuck well.

And I'm not even crying about it, which... I'm shocked, I always cry after these fights, out of guilt or whatever. And now I'm just tired. And sneezing and coughing and ugh.

I don't need this.

But at least this icon amuses me.
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