Jan. 22nd, 2009

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Porn Battle VII!!! Go post a prompt or fifty! WOOT! I've posted a lot, lol. God I love being a fandom whore.

I just started watching Skins today, so yes, I posted some from that, and I've only seen two eps. Oy. But brain finally re-remembered I am gay in that omg, Michelle? Guh. Want. FOR MYSELF. YES.

Also, Merlin fic ideas NEED TO STOP. For god's sake, I can't possibly write all that, brain! Also. Go claim a prompt at [insanejournal.com profile] merlinearthurfqf. Several of the prompts I posted have been claimed!!! Hells YEAH. Cop!Arthur! YAYAYYAYAY.

Also, I have ideas for more prompts, as I said. UGH. STOP IT. I can't write an Age of Sail fic wherein Merlin is press-ganged and Arthur is a first lieutenant! STOP IT, BRAIN. *must find someone to foist prompts onto... needs another fest*

Also, I worked 14 hours on Wednesday. WTF. *ded* I have 31 hours so far for this week, considering I only worked 2 and a half on Tuesday? Yeah. DIVIDE THAT UP. *ded, srsly*

Blearrgh! :D

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